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The Walking Dead Webisodes

The Walking Dead Webisodes

The Walking Dead Webisodes

The Walking Dead webisodes are little episodes, or webisodes, that were released online as a web series. The first series was release before the second season of The Walking Dead, and it focused on the story of who became known as the “bicycle girl”. This is the zombie that Rick meets in the park as he makes his way from the hospital in the first season. The first web series is called Torn Apart as it relates to how Rick found “Bicycle Girl” in the park. The next series is called Cold Storage. This tells the story of a man named Chase who is looking for shelter in a storage facility.

The Walking Dead Webisodes

Torn Apart

Torn Apart - A New Day

A New Day

#1 Released 10/3/2011

Torn Apart - Family Matters

Family Matters

#2 Released 10/3/2011

Torn Apart - Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

#3 Released 10/3/2011

Torn Apart - Neighborly Advice

Neighborly Advice

#4 Released 10/3/2011

Torn Apart - Step-Mother


#5 Released 10/3/2011

Torn Apart - Everything Dies

Everything Dies

#6 Released 10/3/2011


Cold Storage

Cold Storage - Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

#1 Released 10/1/2012

Cold Storage - Keys to the Kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom

#2 Released 10/1/2012

Cold Storage - Chosen Ones

The Chosen Ones

#3 Released 10/1/2012

Cold Storage - Parting Shots

Parting Shots

#4 Released 10/1/2012

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