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The Walking Dead TV Series Spurs Fan Sites –

AMC this past fall came out with its one of a kind series that is about the zombie apocalypse, and  many new fan sites began to spring up all over the web, one of those fan sites is has a place where fans and followers can gather and talk about this new TV hit that drew nearly 6 million people in their season finale.  There is a growing collection of videos and news that relates to the series where fans can come and get the latest info.  You can learn about the cast and crew and have good time talking about zombies, and everything that is zombie related such as video games and movies.

The show has such a early following that it seems inevitable that it will be around for several seasons and continue to gather momentum.  There will be an encore presentation of the 1st season come this January while fans site back and wait for season 2 to hit the airwaves this fall.

Come and be part of the The Walking Dead fan site that dedicates itself to being a hub for fans and a place where you can come to discuss, talk, and share your views on this latest hit series, The Walking Dead.